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AAR’s New Outpatient Center In Thika Town

by Femme Staff

AAR Healthcare Kenya has today announced the opening of its newest outpatient center in Thika Town. The move reflects AAR Healthcare’s unwavering commitment to delivering accessible, affordable, and high-quality healthcare services to the residents of Thika and beyond. 

The new Thika Outpatient Centre marks a significant milestone in AAR Healthcare’s mission to expand its growing network of healthcare facilities, with a total of 27 outpatient centres now operational across the country.

Elizabeth Wasunna, AAR Healthcare’s General Manager, expressed her enthusiasm about AAR Healthcare’s achievement, affirming, ‘‘Throughout the last four decades, AAR Healthcare has remained steadfast in its commitment to deliver outstanding healthcare, advocating for environmental preservation, and serving the communities we belong to. We take immense pride in the alignment of our healthcare approach and are pleased to share our commitment to healthcare excellence with Kiambu County. Wasunna further commended Kiambu County for being the first to launch Universal Health Coverage (UHC), emphasizing that this proactive approach in addressing healthcare reflects a progressive approach towards addressing healthcare challenges and underscores the importance of a robust health system to serve the people.”

The Thika Outpatient Centre joins a growing list of health facilities serving Kiambu County which currently stands at; 1 Tier 5- Inter- County facility, 13, Tier 4 -Hospitals, 24 Tier 3 -Health Centres, 70 Tier 2 -Dispensaries.

‘’The launch of the AAR Healthcare’s outpatient centre is a significant development for healthcare in Kenya. It represents an essential step towards the government’s vision of enhancing the health of every Kenyan, and it provides a much-needed boost to efforts to make healthcare more accessible and affordable for all. The facility will not only provide healthcare services to those who need them but will also help create job opportunities for healthcare professionals in the country,’’ said Dr Hillary Kagwa, County Director of Health, Kiambu County.  

The Thika Outpatient Centre will provide round-the-clock services, ensuring accessibility 24/7. In addition to primary healthcare services, the center will offer dental, gynecology, pediatric care, and laboratory services. This comprehensive range of medical services aims to meet the diverse healthcare needs of the community and is expected to serve up to 279,429 residents from Thika town each year. 

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