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Cheers to Friendship: Tusker Cider’s Celebration of Bonds and Responsible Enjoyment

by Femme Staff

February is a month of love and by extension, a month to celebrate friendships. Friendships hold great power in our lives, seeing us through good and tough times as well as uplifting and generally enriching our lives. True friendships are a pillar of strength, and they need to be enjoyed and celebrated.

One of my favourite ways to celebrate friendship with my girls is to chat over a few drinks on weekend afternoons. A crisp and well-balanced alcoholic drink is just the perfect plan for such times, given alcohol’s ability to facilitate heartfelt conversations and generally just make things fun. Whether it’s reminiscing about sharing memories, sharing words of encouragement, or simply enjoying each other’s company, the act of raising a glass in celebration honors the bonds we so cherish. Top of Form

In this light of friendship and in the spirit of February as the month of love, Tusker Cider’s ‘Cheers to Our Real Campaign is gearing up to celebrate friendships. In a series of engaging activations throughout the month, ranging from on-trade promotions to intimate consumer engagement events including this Saturday, on February 24th at Art Café Gastro in Westlands, followed by subsequent gatherings on March 1st and 2nd at Social House, leading up to the main event on March 8th in Eldoret. Alongside the revelry, Tusker Cider emphasizes responsible drinking, ensuring that all participants enjoy the celebrations responsibly and safely.

As part of the campaign , Tusker Cider is giving away enticing Soiree packages to their consumers who purchase through their e commerce platform Ke.Thebar.

Tusker Cider’s celebration of friendship and responsible enjoyment extends to convenient hampers available at select Quickmart and Naivas stores in Nairobi. These hampers, filled with delightful treats, complement the month-long festivities. Join in the fun with your real ones, ensuring responsible drinking as you toast to cherished connections and memorable moments.

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