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Samsung Galaxy A05 – A Midrange Smartphone with Impressive Performance and Features

by Femme Staff

The Samsung A05 has been in the country for some weeks now and I’ve had the pleasure of using one for review purposes. It has been a pleasant experience and I’m happy to be a part of the Galaxy A series. My piece came in a beautiful light green and is quite a looker as a first impression especially since I’m a big fan of coloured phones. The phone has a plastic back and plastic frame, which quite agree with its entry level category.

Here are some of my thoughts on the device.


Remember when phones were slow and would lag and freeze when using multiple apps? Times when we could not even think of gaming because of the amount of speed it requires to power a smooth gaming experience? Those days are becoming a thing of the past as phone manufacturers up their game in processor speed.

The Galaxy A05 which runs on Android 13 has an efficiency focused Mediatek MT6769V/CZ Helio G85 processor, a modern chip that is a guarantee for a super-fast phone capable of seamless multitasking, and one that offers a very smooth and enjoyable experience even to gaming enthusiasts who need extra power for graphics and fast movement. We have a 60Hz refresh rate which adds to the fast and smooth operation of the phone.

With 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage, speed and performance are quite enhanced for the average user, and I do not see myself running out of space any time soon. And I’m speaking from a point where I use storage quite a bit to save movies, series, plus lots of photos and videos. I do have to be careful not to overdo though, since as mentioned earlier, the Galaxy A05 is an entry level phone, and we should expect a commensurate level of storage and performance.


The phone comes with multiple security options so that users can choose between face unlock, PIN, Password and fingerprint. The fingerprint which is quite easy to set up is side mounted. It has been a long time since I used one of these but I actually find it interesting because it is easily and naturally accessible and does not interfere with the look of the phone at the back.


The back camera on the Galaxy A05 is 50MP with the support of a 2MP depth sensor, while the selfie camera is 8MP. With these, users are assured of clear photos with the assurance that Samsung cameras generally come with. The back camera will shoot videos at a clear resolution of 8MP and in these days when video is becoming very popular, this is the way to go for phones.

The cameras also have additional features and settings to make the best of photography and for users to get very decent photos and videos be they for memories or for sharing on social media.


The Galaxy A05 has a 5,000mAh battery but what made me really appreciate it more is the 25W fast charging capabilities. I’m really glad that phones that we used to charge almost overnight and slowly becoming a thing of the past. The A05 charger is not the fastest out there alright, but it fits in the phone category and pricing. Charging is via USB Type-C port.

In just half an hour, the phone will charge from zero to around 48%. So, if for instance you are running out of power and have only 10 minutes to spare, you can get enough charge to run you through several hours. Uninterrupted power is what a good phone should be, and the Samsung A05 has it.


On the connectivity front, the Samsung Galaxy A05 checked all the boxes. With support for 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC, it kept me connected to the world around me no matter where I went. Whether I was streaming music through wireless headphones, transferring files to other devices, or making contactless payments at the store, the phone provided seamless connectivity at all times.


Samsung has curved a niche as a reliable smartphone manufacturer with assured quality. As such, the Galaxy A05 is no exception, though I find the price a bit steep at Ksh.17,000/- give or take.

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