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Unilever Kenya Steps Up Efforts to Promote Oral Health in Schools

by Femme Staff

Unilever Kenya, a leading consumer goods company, announces its continued commitment to promoting oral hygiene among school children in Kenya. Ben Lang’at, the newly appointed Executive Vice President for Unilever’s East and West Africa region, emphasizes the company’s dedication to improving oral health awareness as a vital component of overall well-being.

Unilever Kenya has made significant strides in its efforts to sensitize schools on oral hygiene, with a recent visit to 339 schools across Nairobi, Nyanza, and Rift Valley regions. Over the past six months, these initiatives have reached over 500,000 school-going children, emphasizing the importance of brushing teeth twice daily and maintaining good oral health practices.

“Unilever is deeply committed to supporting oral health initiatives, particularly among the younger generation,” said Ben Lang’at, Unilever EVP for East and West Africa. “By engaging with schools and educating children on proper oral hygiene practices, we aim to empower future generations with the knowledge and habits necessary for lifelong dental wellness.”

The importance of such initiatives is underscored by the current state of dental care in Kenya. According to the Kenya National Oral Health Strategic Plan (2022-2026), a staggering over 99% of children and all adults report having at least one dental problem, highlighting a significant unmet treatment need. Barriers to seeking dental care include lack of awareness, financial constraints, and limited access to healthcare facilities.

The Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Council (KMPDC) suggests a ratio of 1 dentist per 100,000 based on licensed practitioners.

Unilever recognizes the urgent need for collective action to address these challenges and improve oral health outcomes in Kenya. The company remains committed to partnering with stakeholders across sectors to promote oral hygiene education, increase access to dental care, and advocate for preventative measures.

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