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Empowering Dreams – Henry Ndemwa’s Journey Through M-Pesa Foundation Academy And Chapa Dimba

by Femme Staff

When Henry Ndemwa stepped into the M-Pesa Foundation Academy to start his high school life, the first thing that struck him was the football pitch which he terms as premier league level. Just like that, on day one at school he knew he was going to join the football team. Fast forward, he is part of the team that represented the academy at the Chapa Dimba Central regional finals last weekend. Even though they did not clinch the title, it was quite a feat getting to regional finals, this being their first shot at Safaricom Chapa Dimba. 

Henry was not new to football. Since he was little, he has always been around the game since his two brothers are avid players. His favourite pastime was to tag along as they went to practice in nearby pitches in his home village of Mchakamchaka in Kwale county. At the academy, the multi talented IB DP 2 student also plays basketball, rugby, tennis, and swimming though none of these is competitive.

The young man jokes that due to his short stature, he could not pursue striking or defending but he’s quite comfortable with being an attacking midfielder Number 8 or 10. His dreams are to make it big in football as a career, and hopefully to play in his dream team Chelsea FC which he has admired since he was a child. His local dream team is FC leopards who he grew up streaming with his brothers.

Henry has a deep desire to make it big and put his home area on the map, as well as be a motivation to other youngsters who would like to try their foot at football.  He has no doubt that with the kind of facilitation and support that the M-Pesa Foundation Academy gives to extra curriculum activities, he has quite a good shot at getting far ahead in football.

His reasons for wanting to mentor and motivate young players is that he was quite shy and withdrawn just a few years back, and he has firsthand experience of the wonders that getting out of one’s shell can do. His advice to kids who are afraid to try out their talents is that there is not much of a big risk especially in football. Don’t major on your fears, and instead go out there and face the monster.

Henry has become quite ardent at managing time between football, studies, and family and community when he’s back home. For this he follows a timetable and makes use of the personal management skills that the IB system has instilled in him. IB is short International Baccalaureate, an education system that you can read more about here.  

To Safaricom for organizing Chapa Dimba, he says a big kudos. A grassroots to national tournament is no easy feat, and especially one that comes bundled with so much impact. The prize money that players win goes a long way for families and communities of the winning teams and individuals. He wishes that Chapa Dimba continues for years to come.  

As a parting shot to fellow football players, Henry says that teamwork is one of the most important strengths of a team. Know your teammates and relate with them on and off the pitch so as to create that bond with which to tackle opponents.

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