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Shaping The Future – HMD’s Innovation and Leadership In Mobile Technology

by Femme Staff

In 2016, HMD ushered in their first Nokia devices into the market, bringing back one of the most iconic mobile phone brands into our lives. It has been a fruitful journey since, with the company churning out sturdy devices with pure OS, long lasting batteries, and timely software updates. Going forward, HMD promises an upward trend with exciting partnerships and devices, and we can’t wait! This is part of the company’s new multi-brand journey to start manufacturing HMD branded phones even as they continue to be the home of Nokia.

HMD has already set the stage for a colourful and exciting future with the launch of the barbie flip phone in partnership with Mattel. This is something I would never have seen coming but now that it is in manufacture, I totally get it! A playful yet powerful device featuring one of the world’s most renowned fashion dolls that appeals to all ages.

With the Barbie flip phone and other devices like the Nokia 105, HMD is pioneering and leading in the digital detox movement which is catching on rapidly. People are going easy on app-packed smartphones and using simpler phones to periodically disconnect from the overwhelming distractions that go hand in hand with smartphones.

HMD has also shared plans of redesigning and bringing back another Nokia classic that is yet to be disclosed. This is very reminiscent of the redesign and relaunch of the all-time iconic phone, the Nokia 3310 in 2017, a development that elicited a lot of curiosity and nostalgia among customers. My colleagues and I have placed a bet on which phone this will be, and we can’t wait for when the news breaks.

We are also in for the exciting concept of at-home-repair phones. How cool is that? As a Nokia user, you could be your own technician for simple repairs like screen replacement, charging port, or battery. HMD is already testing the waters with the G22, the first Nokia device that puts the power of repairability in users’ hands in partnership with iFixit.

In all its operations, HMD is still at the forefront of environmental protection with practices like the use of renewable energy, ethical and inclusive business strategies, e-waste management, and a circular economy approach to manufacturing.

It is clear that HMD’s commitment to innovation, customer-centric operations, and sustainability is a solid promise. We eagerly await what the company’s new journey has in store as it embarks on the new multi-brand journey.

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