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Embracing Sustainability: HMD’s Approach to Sustainability

by Femme Staff

We live in a time when environmental issues have become a top priority for businesses, individuals, and communities. Companies and manufacturers are reviewing their practices to ensure a sustainable future, and many have implemented strong policies toward achieving this goal.

HMD is a company that is widely known for producing durable and long-lasting Nokia devices, as well as introducing other innovative technologies. However, the company is also a frontrunner in the sustainability movement, taking significant steps to reduce its ecological impact, promote responsible business practices, and embrace renewable resources.

This article will explore HMD’s sustainability policies and practices, highlighting key initiatives demonstrating the company’s commitment to creating a greener planet. HMD aims to connect the world without compromising the environment, and we’ll explore the efforts it’s making toward achieving this goal.

Circular Economy Approach

HMD has adopted a circular economy approach that emphasizes extending the life cycle of products, reducing waste, and maximizing resource efficiency. Its product design and manufacturing processes reflect the company’s commitment to circularity. HMD’s products are durable, innovative, and upgradeable, which reduces the need for frequent replacements and e-waste generation. Source.

Renewable Energy

HMD is making significant contributions to sustainability by transitioning towards renewable energy sources where possible. The use of renewable energy is crucial for environmental protection, and HMD is passionate about reducing its carbon footprint by relying on renewable energy for its operations. Globally, HMD has made notable progress toward this goal of using renewable energy across its operations by investing in solar and wind power. The company is committed to not only reducing its emissions but also offsetting any unavoidable emissions through various environmental projects. Source.

E-Waste Management

In recent years, the use of technology has led to an increase in the need for electronic waste disposal, causing a headache for many. Unfortunately, not all companies have e-waste management programs in place. However, HMD is addressing this issue through responsible e-waste management. The company takes back old devices through its customer networks and either recycles or refurbishes them. This not only reduces the environmental impact associated with electronic waste but also helps to conserve valuable resources found in electronic devices. These efforts by HMD are commendable and have a positive impact on reducing waste. Source.

By making durable devices, HMD also improves e-waste management since a long-lasting device will take longer to need replacing. Source.

Ethical and Inclusive Business Practice

Sustainability is not just about the environment. It also seeks to support employee contentment, ethical business practices, and inclusion. In line with this, HMD places great importance on diversity, equity, and inclusion within its workforce and believes that a diverse team encourages innovation and creativity, leading to sustainable solutions for global issues. Source.

Introduction of reparable phones

HMD partnered with iFixit to introduce devices that users can repair on their own, empowering people to fix their own gadgets and keep devices out of landfills. Source.

With DIY repairability which HMD kicked off with Nokia G22 and Nokia G42 5G, in the Western markets, users can perform repairs like swapping dead batteries, switching broken screens, and changing faulty charging ports. Source. End-user repairability contributes to sustainability by reducing e-waste and promoting durability and value for money.

The world is currently in an era where environmental consciousness is becoming increasingly important for both individuals and businesses. It is heartening to see that even device manufacturers like HMD have implemented solid policies and practices for sustainability. Moreover, they are also creating initiatives that encourage users to make individual contributions towards sustainability through their daily use of phones. This holistic approach reflects the company’s commitment to responsible connectivity without harming the planet.

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