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Nigerian Entrepreneur Elizabeth Ebere Shines at Absa Kenya’s InspireMe Conference

by Femme Staff

In our continuing series of highlighting women entrepreneurs who were exhibiting their wares at the InspireMe Conference by Absa Kenya, today we look at yet another stand out entrepreneur – Elizabeth Ebere. Her case stands out because having flown all the way from Nigeria for the conference, she embodies the essence of InspireMe. To connect businesswomen to connections and markets that they would otherwise not have accessed on their own.

Elizabeth cold presses African olives into olive oil which she then sells to individuals and other entrepreneurs in the healthcare, haircare, skincare and cosmetic industries to make soaps and creams. She’s proud of her product which she says is the only one in Africa in terms of the raw materials used, quality and purity since it has no additives or preservatives. This makes it safe for all users, and even babies as a daily oil or for simple skin infections. It can also be consumed as a general health tonic or for digestive problems. The quality and safety of Bott Atili Oil which she produces from Nigerian olives has been certified in different labs in Nigeria.

Her product line has since extended beyond olive oil to include shea butter and neem oil, further diversifying her offerings and solidifying her reputation in the market. A present, hands-on approach in the production process demonstrates Elizabeth’s dedication to maintaining the highest standards of quality which she’s very proud of since her personal motto is to always give her customers the best.

Elizabeth is a civil servant back home and was inspired to get into manufacturing to have something to keep her occupied after her retirement which is just around the corner.  She has always had a keen interest in manufacturing and entrepreneurship but did not really know where to start until a chance encounter with a chemistry professor got her out of her shell. She shared her idea with him, and he was kind enough to mentor and handhold her up to the point where she held her product in her hands and started marketing.

For years she knew she wanted to get into export, even attending export seminars at her local university. Then the opportunity to come to Kenya for the InspireMe Conference came through the Nigeria Export Promotion Council and here we are. Being picked by her country’s export council is further testament to the quality of her product and scalability of her business. This was Elizabeth’s first time to exhibit outside Nigeria.

Elizabeth’s message to aspiring entrepreneurs was that the secret to success is determination and asking for help when need be. She emphasized the importance of being focused, taking risks and facing the challenges that come your way head on. Her journey is a testament to these principles, proving that with the right mindset, dreams can indeed become reality.

She is deeply grateful for the support she has received from the InspireMe Conference which has provided her with invaluable opportunities to connect with interested parties from across Africa. She hopes for more of such platforms not only for her own growth but also to inspire and assist other budding entrepreneurs. As she looks to the future, her vision is clear. To keep the quality of her products top notch, expand her business at home and also explore markets outside Nigeria. This won’t be as difficult as it would have been in the past, seeing that the business world is more of a global village thanks to technology and better communication.

Elizabeth’s story is an inspiring example of how passion, determination, and the right support can turn dreams into thriving realities.

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