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A Visit To The Nairobi National Park

by Femme Staff
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Last week my friends and I took an afternoon drive through Nairobi National Park courtesy of Kenya Wildlife Service. It was a fun and certainly different way to spend a weekday afternoon.The park is only about 7km from the city, giving city dwellers the advantage of seeing wildlife in their natural habitat without having to travel at all. Being that close to civilization has not deterred the park from supporting a healthy wildlife ecosystem where quite a variety of birds and animals thrive. This includes the black rhinoceros which is an endangered species.

For group and family visits, the park supports numerous activities including nature walks, game drives, corporate events, bush dinners, weddings and team building. There are several picnic sites within the park, making it a perfect place for fun family outings with a different twist. The club house, also within the park, is also open to visitors for meals and drinks at reasonable prices.

Our journey began around 3pm after a quick lunch at said club house.

femmehub.comIt gets cold. There’s a 30kph speed limit but that is still fast enough to speed chilly winds against you. Given a chance I would have brought a flask of tea or coffee. Having embarked on the afternoon drive past 3pm, the evening chill found us still deep inside the park and it brought out the true meaning of chilled to the bone. Bring your warmest shawl and scarf and wear closed shoes.

SAMSUNG CSCJust a few minutes into the drive and the custodians of the land come into view.  Have your camera ready.

Femmehub BirdsThese birds were huddled together minding their own business until we drove by and ruined their moment. Sorry birds.

Femmehub #handsoffourelephantsHands off our elephants.

#handsoffourelephants FemmehubHands off our elephants.


Femmehub Wildlife GhostsWhere the bones and ghosts of the departed come to rest. I could swear I heard a few ghost howls and shrieks.

Femmehub Cool GuyThis one is cool and they know it. He/she stands proudly perched on the canopy of the ghost house in the above picture. Looking down on the other ghosts.

Femmehub FireplaceIt was already late evening towards the end of the tour and this fireplace at the Nairobi Tented Camps was a much needed godsend. But we had passed a lone buffalo in the close vicinity and even as I warmed my frozen self up, I couldn’t help getting ideas.

Femmehub SunsetWhen sunset finds you in the open savannah.

Femmehub GiraffeTalk about owning the skies and knowing it.

Femmehub KWS CruiserThe beast that handles rough terrain like its a carpeted highway.

Nairobi National Park is certainly worth a visit. For more information, visit their site.

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