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CBA/Palmhouse Foundation Sponsorships For Higher Education

by Femme Staff


It is no secret that education is the best thing that modern day families and societies can give to their children. It is a good thing that companies are recognizing that and stepping up to help where some parents and guardians are not in a position to take their children through school.

Commercial Bank of Africa is one such company that has been offering education sponsorships for the last 6 years and has now increased secondary school sponsorship money by more than 150 per cent. This is from Kshs 1.2 Million to Kshs 3.2 Million. CBA is and has been working through Palmhouse Foundation and will this time see 10 needy students complete secondary education.

“Free primary education has created opportunities for a lot of children, however for guardians, secondary education remains a dream for their children as many are unable to afford the fees and school equipment,” says Mr. Chris Pasha, CBA Group Head of Marketing and Communications.

Palmhouse Foundation is a non-governmental organization that works to see that children from disadvantaged backgrounds are not denied a chance at completing their high school education. Overall the foundation has over 500 beneficiaries and has so far, it has seen 230 students through secondary school.

It is easy to see why some parents and guardians need help. The Ministry of Education reported in 2008 that the annual cost of education was 12 to 20 times higher than monthly incomes of parents in rural areas. 80% of population lives in said rural areas.

Ripple effects of educating our young ones are clear and evidently positive and this is certainly a good step by CBA and Palmhouse Foundation.

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