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Batman v Superman; Just Two Hot Men Fighting One Another

by Nessa Shera
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Batman Superman

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Despite the fact that superman has been in my life just as long as the Disney princesses were, one of the reasons I watched this (probably why so many women watched it), was of because of Henry Cavill’s (Superman) gorgeous, just stunning everything. Literally from the tip of his hair to his toes, to his immense blue eyes, that man deserves the superman role he was given. Batman (Ben Affleck) too of course, the fact that he is super, gross rich just makes him even more attractive. The movie stretched for a good 2 hours and 31 minutes, but I hardly noticed the time go by, watching the fascinating heroes battle it out.

Superman taking off his shirt, and joining Louis Lane in the bathtub was everything, I’ve never been so jealous of a movie character. Just imagine having sex with superman. Anyways moving on from that, Batman also had a few shots training, lifting a few weights, looking sexily ragged while shirtless as well, so there are a few scenes the women can appreciate in the movie. I however felt that there were more sexy topless scenes in the first superman movie, Man of Steel.

Speaking of Man of Steel, if you hadn’t watched this movie previously, you wouldn’t exactly come to grips with the beginning of Batman v Superman. Which was basically Batman’s perspective of the fight between Superman and General Zod, in Man of Steel’s last scene. There was a lot of destruction in Metropolitan City, as any city would be if two super humans were to engage in a fight. Which begs the question that had always been on my mind, what happens to innocent people who get caught up in those super intense bouts? To those who were in a vehicle or building that toppled over? Surely everyone couldn’t have been somewhere safe, watching the fight from afar. With destruction comes death or injury, and the beginning of the movie showed this realistic viewpoint beautifully, I believe.  Unfortunately, to the detriment of superman.

Something new I learnt about Batman from the movie was that he gets easily threatened and is not particularly the best at leaving the past behind him. I mean just a few apparent ‘threats’ from superman, and he already starts planning to kill him. Another thing about Batman is that he never loses a fight, something I won’t get too much into for the sake of those who haven’t yet watched the movie.  And while superman is logical in his thinking, he is driven a little too much by “what is right”, which all sound like great qualities, but can also turn into weakness.

While I generally enjoyed the movie, there were several scenes I felt were unnecessary, particularly batman’s dreams or nightmares rather. There was also slight confusion concerning several scenes. A series of parts that you could only fully connect towards the end of the movie. The story somehow lacked focus, and was packed with far too much disjointed set up for future movies. I personally felt Wonder Woman’s inclusion in the movie, was useless. And while I was wide awake and aware throughout the full two hour movie, my dear friend had fallen asleep, which still leaves me in shock. How do you sleep watching an action packed movie?

There were moments Batman was unable to get in a punch, getting thrown around by superman like a joke, clearly he was suicidal. He however had a few tricks up his sleeve that I felt were unfair play. However, Batman’s moves were nothing short of impressive, while God like shots showcasing superman’s blue cape flowing gloriously in the wind couldn’t be avoided either. The fights kept me on the edge of my seat, with amazing picturesque shots that mirrored fights in the comics; especially in the last scene of the movie (once again I won’t tell).

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