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Why We Love The New Tecno HiOs

by Femme Staff

Tecno HiOs

Tecno hios capture

You may already know by now that Tecno has come up with a new operation system which is to be used in their phones going forward.

What I love about Tecno’s New HiOS

No interruptions

Phone calls do not interrupt the rest of the phone. This was one of the happiest realizations for me. You know how you’re doing stuff on say twitter or facebook, or even just drafting an email and then a phone call comes and you have to stop? Not so with HiOs. When you’re using your phone, the phone call only signals from the very top of the screen and you can pick or reject from there. This way you can continue with your business if you do not want to pick the call.

Cool short cuts

When for example the phone is off and the user wants to access the music player, they do not have to put on the phone at all. Just draw the letter M roughly on the screen with your finger and the music app comes on. The music can also be controlled when the phone is on sleep mode. You can start playing music by drawing a straight line from top to bottom of the screen. To pause music, draw a straight line from bottom to top. Swipe right to play the next song and left to play the previous. Under this short cut, one can also double tap the screen to wake the phone up, although this is a setting that has to be set.

Hi Manager

The OS has a collection of tweaks that makes using the phone easier. What I like most is the harassment block which users can use to block numbers that they feel they do not want to have contact them. The OS also has bandwidth management which enables users to control how they use their internet by choosing which apps access internet. There’s also a feature where uses can see how data is getting used while browsing and they can then adjust their use accordingly.

There’s a quick clean up feature that one can use to close unused and unnecessary apps hence speeding up the phone.

From this collection of tweaks, one can control which apps can auto start and which ones cannot. For someone with many apps in the phone, this is quite a cool feature.

Easy one tap customization options

Users can change the appearance of the phone very easily under the new HiOs. The OS comes with different and beautiful pre-set themes.


The phone comes pre-installed with beautiful fonts although when I tried the ones I liked, I discovered that they were really slowing down my typing. I decided to just use the default.

Overall, HiOs is a smooth OS that gives the phone a classy look and makes it easy to use. The wallpapers are very beautiful and a departure from past ones.

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