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5 Life Lessons I Learned From The Mindy Project

by Femme Staff

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If you’re a woman, and haven’t yet watched The Mindy Project, you need to head to Google and get to streaming, or buy the DVD, whatever you prefer. If you can’t get enough of romantic comedies that make you laugh and cry, this is the perfect series for you. Mindy Lahiri, a wild heart working as a gynecologist in New York City, is at the age of thirty something (she never reveals how old she really is), and goes through several bumpy and hilarious rides to find a man that she could have for keeps. Her reckless behavior and proud show of vanity makes you fall in love with her imperfect but exciting personality, while you slowly get emotionally attached to her relationship fails. While it may be all laughs, there’s a unique lesson you gauge from every episode that relate to several people everywhere.

You Shouldn’t Become Someone You Don’t Want to For Someone Else

This has been spoken by several people time and time again, you see it as an inspiring quote on your social media, it could even be a friend’s advice to you. We usually associate this with what our parents want for us vs what we want for ourselves. However, sometimes we don’t even notice sacrifices or changes we make, particularly when it comes to relationships between our significant others, we just find ourselves taking part in activities that we hadn’t initially planned for ourselves. Whether it’s becoming a stay home parent, or taking a break from growing your business for whatever reason, it’s always important to address when you’re no longer happy, and take steps to get back into what you enjoy. Regrettably this may cause the end of some relationships.

Confidence, Confidence, Confidence

Mindy Lahiri is no tall, skinny, stunning blond woman who has men eyeballing her left right and center. She’s an average height, plump, Indian woman who is still every bit as attractive, maybe because of her bubbly personality, she wouldn’t mind being called blond however. She walks and talks as if she’s the hottest woman in town, constantly complimenting and appreciating herself. Her outfits are comprised of colorful material, short skirts and sky high heels which pair perfectly with her reckless antics. While you may not feel like you’d want to associate with someone like that in real life, its fun to watch and you might even fall in love with her character. Her incredible attitude has also managed to score her a few rich and sexy male boyfriends, that’s right, it’s not always about the makeup ladies.

Get a Good Education

Mindy went to Yale, or was it Princeton to study gynecology, basically some impressive university in the United States. This however didn’t stop her from going for a fellowship at Stanford University several years later. Mindy is a perfect example of a modern working woman, with her own apartment, job and money, perks that come with a good education (something parents have told their children time and time again).

If at First You Don’t Succeed…Try, Try Again

This should be an attitude for every aspect in life, however for Mindy it mostly had to do with relationships. Her constant relationship status would go right back to being single. Yet she would constantly bounce back at every opportunity, at her age, she didn’t have much time. Until she finally found Mr. Right, however that’s for you to watch and find out.

Friends and People in Your Life Eventually Move On

Unless you work the same job, live in the same neighborhood, and enjoy the same things, friends tend to move on. In the series, particular characters may be seen in one season and gone the next. This shows that people get preoccupied, whether it’s by family, a job, a relationship, you start seeing less of them, communicating less, and just like that, they’re gone. Maybe one or two manage to stay in your life and see it all.

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