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Foods You Should and Shouldn’t Order on a First Date

by Nessa Shera
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It been said that men like a woman who likes to fill up her plate, one who is capable of eating a sizable piece of meat, not some pesky salad. However, eating more can be messy, and not the best impression to make on a first, second, or any date really. Sause on your hands and on the tips of your fingers isn’t ideally the most romantic scene. You simply end up distraught, desperately trying to eat as much food you can in the most civilized manner, which never results into a finished meal. To ensure that you get the most out of your meal without leaving any bad impressions, here are a few orders to you should either make or ditch.


While this may sound enticing, it can get very difficult to enjoy without a little strain. It’s more preferable if you order meat served in small bits and pieces, or at the very least meat without any bones. This enables you to easily use your fork and knife, and ensure that your hands don’t get dirty.


This somehow provides for all your nutrition needs all in one; there’s the meat, the lettuce, the bread, the sauce, and best of all, its satisfying and filling. However, this is the last thing you should ever order. Its incredibly difficult to pull off eating a hamburger, without leaving your date a little traumatized due to the mess of it all. Every bite, is followed with having to clean up what remains of the immense mouthful you took left on your face, not the most attractive situation. Avoid literally anything that emulates a burger, from a sandwich, to a hot dog.


Also a tricky food, which may at times cause slurping, a sound and slight that isn’t too alluring. If you know how to roll pasta around a fork, and get it into your mouth without struggle, then by all means order some pasta. However, if you’re not an expert, avoid the pasta section on the menu.

Order a Thick Drink

If the foods aren’t working out, order a drink that’ll make up for it. A milkshake is thick enough to give a feeling of fullness. Maybe even a smoothie, a heavy enough drink to leave you satisfied, but more importantly, clean.


You can never go wrong with this meal, it’s easy to make, just in case your cooking for your date, but it’s also simple to eat. Not only are you able to eat in peace, but it’s a healthier option than choosing fries.


This is effortless; there is no fork and knife that’s unable to cut through a cake, at least none that I’ve experienced. That’s why ordering a pie, or cake ensures a finished plate since it’s so easy to work with, while still enjoying a conversation with your date. If icing gets caught on the side of your face, its less frustrating and more bearable than paste or soup.


Despite the fact that there are unhealthy, chips or French fries are rather simple to enjoy. Swap this for a healthier choice by enjoying some baked potatoes.


Maybe include this with little chunks of meat so your date doesn’t think you’re self-conscious. I believe this is a relatively clean meal, however ensure the lettuce doesn’t get in between your teeth, then again if that’s what’s your concerned about, you’re probably thinking too much.

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