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Blaze Kenya – The Official Launch Party And What’s In Store For Youth

by Nessa Shera
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Blaze Kenya

Throughout this past month, it’s been practically impossible to surf the web, enjoy your YouTube videos, or even scroll through your social media pages without a few Blaze adverts showing. You may have given in, clicked away, and watched a few advertisements, maybe even headed over to their website. The theme seemed to encourage striving youth to achieve their dreams. Yet there was still slight confusion as to what service or product they were offering.

Saturday, the 28th of May was finally the date for the official Blaze Launch and unveiling party. The big reveal got us to understand what Blaze was truly about. Even throughout the first part of the event, anticipation and suspense lived on. Those invited were to meet at the Railways Station, after which, transportation provided would move them to an undisclosed surprise party avenue. A unique twist as compared to most events, those who attended waited impatiently, anticipating the discovery of the surprise location. Bitings and beverages were served, and many were encouraged to spray paint as a way to express themselves, until the expected transportation arrived.

The majority of those present were youths between the ages of 18-26, in particular several big names such as Nick Mutuma, and Anita Nderu. The turnout was tremendous, and the train provided was able to transport the numerous attendees for the official unraveling of the undisclosed location, which in fact lead to a the African Heritage House in Mlolongo.

The setting was similar to that of an outdoor club. The ambiance was scenic, involving a red and black theme, which complimented the desired dress code. Free airtime and mobile devices were given out. Food and alcohol were free and in plenty, with several activities incorporated to provide more variety entertainment wise. From silent discos, laser tag, bubble soccer, to getting a free tattoo done, there was enough fun to go around. Incredible dance performances, including one by the Laser Man left many in awe, and capturing videos so as to never forget the experience.

What Does it Offer However?

Throughout the event it came to my understanding that Blaze is a platform specifically designed for Kenya’s youth. The platform is part of a Safaricom initiative that will offer the young people a wide range of products, services and benefits tailored to cater for their everyday needs. How so? Well with blaze, you’ll be able to create your own tariff. You can construct your own plan, and exactly how much you want to spend on voice, data and SMS. For example, if you buy credit, you can decide on a simple slider, by swiping left or right how much of your money should go into data, voice or SMS. If you would like to enjoy these benefits, you must be aged between 10 and 26 years. All you need to do is dial *555# and follow the prompts. You can also do find out online by visiting the BLAZE website- blaze.co.ke

As is clear in the 10-26 years bracket, users under 18 can get onto the blaze platform. How, you ask? They will need to go with their guardians to Safaricom outlets and the guardian will need to have the minor’s birth certificate. That way they will get registered from there.

Other than that, as users will learn as they familiarize with Blaze, there will be youth empowerment drives that will include bootcamps, mentorship and even financing for achievement of youth goals.

Here is how blaze works. 

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