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The New Look Kingfisher Fruit Wine

by Femme Staff

Remember Kingfisher fruit wine? Most of us will certainly remember it for different reasons. Maybe it was their first alcoholic drink when they were young and just experimenting with this curious side of life. Don’t ask me how I knew but back in the day, Kingfisher was certainly a good introduction to alcohol for a beginner because of its sweet taste and the fact that at an alcoholic percentage of 8%, it did not shoot too fast to the head.

I also do remember it because my older sisters used it, as well as what we jokingly called its brother, Woodpecker. I only ever got a glimpse of it rarely remember wondering what this bottle is that is so secretive.

Well, having been ‘born’ in October 1982 Kingfisher is now 3 decades old and has been reborn in a new stylish bottle. The rebirth does not affect the taste that you know – only the packaging. The new Kingfisher was unveiled at Kempinski Hotel last evening.

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The new look Kingfisher which is retailing at Kshs.160


Fun fact: Kingfisher is made from sun drenched fermented fruits, and is best consumed while chilled.

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