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Ecobank Launches New Mobile Banking App

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More and more financial institutions are bringing banking to the palms of customers’ hands by use of mobile banking apps. Ecobank Kenya has become the first bank in Kenya to launch the Masterpass QR –  a mobile payment solution developed and operated in partnership with Mastercard. Masterpass, which makes payments possible in-store and online via a mobile phone is only one of the functions in the newly launched Ecobank Mobile App which was launched into the country last week.

As more and more of the world goes cashless, the Ecobank App is built to allow users to shop, transact and conduct other businesses without cash. Furthermore, it is unified to work in 33 countries, so that customers can send and receive money instantly across all these countries.

The app, known as Ecobank On, leverages on the power of digital to allow customers to conduct business without having to visit banking halls. This convenience frees up time for people to do other things in line with growing their businesses and lives in general. On the app, customers are able to open free digital account – Ecobank Xpress Account – with no need for paperwork or references.

The Ecobank Mobile App was first launched in Lagos, Nigeria, on 20th October, 2016.

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