Beards are back in a big way and our men are rocking them like there’s no tomorrow. And guess what, we’re loving them for that! Yes, we ladies love us a clean well tended beard. Of course there are those who love the clean shaven look but that does not negate the fact that beard gangs are getting a lot of love. The beard craze has also come with a lot of products geared for them and as we shop for sheer butter for our hair and skin, our guys are alongside us shopping for sheer butter for their beard.  As we shop for balms and conditioners for hair, guys are buying the same for beards. Here’s to healthy beards!

It is well and good to buy assorted products to keep the beard healthy but are our men also minding what they eat? Nutrition has always been an undeniable part of hair, nails, skin and all parts of our bodies.  Nyama choma and beer with the boys over the weekend is fine but also take time and deliberate effort to make healthy foods – both for the hair and beards and for overall body well being.

Of course all this goes with grooming, without which all the good feeding and right products would still leave one with a scruffy looking beard. Gillette has quite some education when it comes to shaving,

  • Always shave along the grain with the direction in which hair grows. This will help prevent irritations.
  • Always use a clean sharp blade to avoid irritations to your skin.
  • In the absence of a shaving cream, you can use a mild soap.
  • Always use a moisturizing aftershave to bring back moisture balance on your skin.

There’ll be a lot more education at Kenyatta university on 29th June, where Gillette will attempt to take the Guinness World Record for the largest number of men shaving in one location. The record breaking attempt is part of Gillette consumer education campaign dubbed “Nyoa Ki-Pro” meant to educate male consumers aged between 15 – 24 years on correct ways of shaving.

So, apart from grooming, include these foods in your regular diet and watch your lush beard come to life.

Vitamin E  – Vitamin E is known to increase blood  flow to the follicles, thus improving growth, as well as softening the beard for ease of grooming and shaving. Foods containing Vitamin E are all around us and the vitamin is to be found in plenty in leafy vegetables like spinach, sweet potatoes, avocado, butternut and assorted nuts which contains good oils.

Vitamin C – Vitamin C, which is found in abundance in citrus fruits, broccoli and coloured peppers is good for your beard because it promotes healthy cell growth and is good for sebum production. Sebum is a natural oil produced by our bodies and helps moisturize hair/beards, making it thicker and more lush.

Vitamin A and beta carotene – These vitamins help repair skin and healthy skin means healthy hair. Vitamin A is to be found in abundance in cheese, butter, egg yolks, milk and butter, while beta carotene is in plenty in orange and yellow foods like carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin and green leafy vegetables among others

Protein – Hair is made of keratin, and keratin is a protein. Protein rich foods are everywhere, including fish, eggs, milk, beans, poultry and lean meats to name a few. Eat lots of B vitamins also as they help synthesize proteins. B vitamins also prevent hair loss.

The omegas – These oils which are to be found in plenty in fatty fish and oily nuts like walnuts are essential for normal all round cell growth, including facial hair. They protect hair from getting dry and brittle.

Wishing all the beard fans some happy sexy beards 😀

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