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Keeping Fit And Active With LG’s Lifeband Touch and Heart Rate Earphones

by Femme Staff

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Sabrina Wanjiku Simader, the first woman to represent Kenya at this year’s Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, is unique in more ways than one.

Other than being a skier from a country that never experiences winter or snow, Sabina Wanjiku also espouses the resilient spirit that Kenyans are known for in the global sports stage.

However, it may not be a great surprise is Sabrina turns out to be the exception rather than the rule when it comes to the exercising habits of many Kenyans.

As Kenyans watch the Olympics game this year and cheer for one of their own, many will also be aware that the closest Kenya comes to the temperatures in South Korea is during the months of June and July – which is not that cold by winter standards.

Many Kenyans simply do not exercise, and most argue that they don’t have the time. But the rise of fitness trackers and other wearable technology has seen some Kenyans finally taking exercise seriously, and sometimes venturing to Karura forest to cycle and stretch their legs.

Technology companies have noticed this, and LG Electronics has invested a lot in designing for the health needs of its consumers.

LG’s East and Central Africa Managing Director Janghoon Chung notes: “LG’s design team came up with innovative fitness tracking products such as Lifeband Touch and Heart Rate Earphones, which enable one to to follow up on their health especially during inactive cold or rainy seasons.”

Kenya’s population made up of overworked working class who occupy majority of the urban areas, require fitness trackers as they spend much of their time inactive on their white-collar jobs. This is because majority of the companies do not motivate their employees to working out.

LG Lifeband Touch comes with a bright, full-touch OLED display that provides easy, real-time access to a full range of fitness data so wearers can track their progress and adjust their workout plans accordingly.

It also enables users to check incoming calls and messages and control their music playlists on their smartphones, keeping wearers connected while delivering an uninterrupted workout experience.

Engineered to be lightweight and simple to use, it incorporates a unique motion-sensing algorithm that automatically turns on the display when the wearer rotates his or her wrist.

With a long lasting -90mAh battery is good for five days of use between charges; it saves on charging energy especially with the high costs of energy in Kenya today.

LG’s Heart Rate Earphones are capable of provide accurate heart rate data by measuring blood flow signals in the ear while also delivering excellent sound. Because of the unique physiology of the ear, wearers can get more accurate health and fitness metrics when engaged in physical activity.

The Heart Rate Earphones works alone or with the Lifeband Touch via Bluetooth. When using the LG Fitness App, users can also receive audible status updates informing them of their heart rate and maximal oxygen consumption levels in real time.

Furthermore, these items enable sharing of data collected with friends for comparison and motivation especially when used with phone apps such as Fitbit.

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