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Enjoy Braids And At The Same Time Protect Your Hairline With Darling Elegant Braids

by Femme Staff
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Just about every women needs a dramatic hairstyle once in a while and one of the best ways to achieve this is with extensions. Be they braids, weaves, crochet, wigs, and a whole arsenal of options that hair companies like Darling have been kind enough to provide over the years.

Unfortunately, sometimes the search for beauty can lead to a damaged hairline as some of these extensions pull and tag at the delicate area. We may all have seen that pitifully bald hairlines occasioned by continuous use of heavy braids which users then go ahead and style too tightly. Reclaiming that hairline is often too expensive and not within the reach of many women.

Enter Darling Elegant Braids which are made of lighter finer fibres. This is music to every woman’s ears, and especially people with sensitive scalps. And for people who would love to braid their hair more often and do not want to feel the weight of braids.

Thinking about it, elegant braids open up so much to women all over. Ever gone to a salon, liked a particular style but felt it would use up so many braids and therefore be too heavy on the head? Ever wanted a protective style but felt that it might not be too protective after all and may mess with your hairline? Like the gorgeous updo above? Or you just do not want the weight of braids on your head but at the same time you want the transformative beauty that comes with them. These are some of the questions that Darling, through extensive customer and product research are seeking to answer with the introduction of elegant braids.

So we’re all in agreement that looks matter a lot. When you look good, you are able to come out of your shell and show the world what you are capable of. The confidence that emanates from us is cathartic and makes us feel like we can tackle anything that comes our way. In a world that if filled with chauvinistic notions, confidence to a woman is power, confidence is seductive and confidence is sexy. Most women may not wear heels like Lady Gaga but when it comes to hair, we wear it like body armor during war because whether we like it or not, every woman’s hair is their pride.

So go ahead, have your tresses braided in some elegant braids which are shinier, giving better finish, and also take on more styling especially hot water styling. Though Darling elegant braids are slightly pricier at 100 bob a pack, you as a woman deserve it and you have earned it. And your hairline will thank you for it.

As you plan to braid your hair this weekend or the next or the next, also remember some other every day lifestyle habits you may have that may be sabotaging your journey to a healthy head of hair. Are you guilty of an of these mistakes? 

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