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LG Electronics Providing Smart Solutions For Your Kitchen

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No woman wants to be a terrible cook. We all want our spouses and kids to get the best-cooked meals. Tales have been told of husbands eating out because of the quality of food they are served at home. This has seen many women go extra miles of attending cooking lessons for the sole reason of improving on their cooking skills.

Most of us have smartphones from which we never leave for even a second. In our homes, we have smart televisions in our living rooms from which we can stream any content we deem fit to watch or for our children to enjoy. The kitchen has been the most famous part of our homes yet it has seen the least progress in terms of technology.

That is soon changing, as it will be the smartest part of our homes. The gradual technological advancements geared for the kitchen has made cooking a lot easier and does not need one to attend any culinary college.

According to different studies, men spend 10 hours a week more than women do on paid work, while women on the other hand spend about six hours more on household work and an additional three hours more on child care.’

Most women have to juggle between house chores and their professional careers, which at times is quite overwhelming. Having to withstand the grueling traffic on our ever-busy Kenyan roads, only to get home an hour late and realize you need to prepare supper for your family is not an easy task.

Thanks to technology, one can now prepare even the most time-consuming of meals in just a matter of minutes. Technology which has always been part of us in the kitchen, aiding us prepare our meals, is rapidly increasing with different advancements aimed at further making our work easier and saving us some time. The days of hiring a help to aid with chores in the kitchen are long overdue, as smart kitchenware has solved the problem.

What we now need are gadgets that can think ahead for us. LG’s wide array of refrigerators particularly LG InstaView ensures that you always know what you have or not have in your refrigerator therefore saving time in preparing a shopping list. With just a single tap, you are able to see inside your fridge without having to literally open it.

Why break your back after a long day in the office? LG’s elegant dishwashers got you covered. With LG’s dishwashers, doing dishes just got a lot easier and fun.

“LG prides themselves in having one of the most efficient dishwashers in the market. It is among if not, the quietest, giving you the peaceful environment in the kitchen that you might need after a long day at work. With just a touch of a finger, you could get your utensils done in a matter of minutes,” says Moses Marji, LG’s General Manager Marketing.

The fridge’s additional functional space owing to its adjustable third rack ensures that all your utensils are accommodated regardless of height. Its four spray arms instead of two ensure that every corner and the slightest of gaps of your utensils is reached and cleaned, providing you with the ultimate convenience.

For the last couple of years, there has been a tremendous growth in regards to making the kitchen smart. LG has been on the forefront in not only innovations geared towards simplifying the culinary process in our homes but also in ensuring that there is a unified network in our kitchen through its open connectivity framework that allows its hubs to sync with appliances from multiple manufacturers.

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