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What Happens When An Insurance Comes To You?

by Femme Staff
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For many years, the perception of Kenyans concerning insurance companies has been negative. Very few Kenyans have kind words for insurance companies. In fact, was it not that some insurance covers, such as car insurance are mandatory, no Kenyan would ever want to take up an insurance cover.

Insurance penetration in the country is still at its lowest, less than three percent. Some of the issues that have led to such low subscription is the fact that most insurance companies have been blamed for not remitting claims or taking long to remit the same. This has always been the major cause of low uptake of insurance products. Most Kenyans do not trust insurance companies.

But might it that Kenyans have been going to wrong insurance companies? Do we still have the right insurance companies out there? The answer is YES. Have you ever heard of a bank issuing insurance services? And not just a bank but a tier one bank with a rich history of quality services and products?

Traditionally, most Kenyans think of a bank as a ‘money robot’ that only deals with the business of depositing, withdrawing and issuing out loans. Very few actually, know that some credible banks, offer insurance services as well.

Barclays Bank Kenya is one such lender that has the best, most reliable and dependable insurance products. I will not tell you about the products yet. They will be telling you about it in person and this is how; first are you a shopper? Very well, Barclays Bank is coming to you. While shopping in the following joints, watch out for these guys, for they have what you need:

  1. Garden City
  2. Thika Road Mall
  3. Village Market
  4. Westgate
  5. Sarit Centre
  6. Yaya Centre
  7. ABC Place
  8. Lavington Mall

If you are of those who shop at Prestige, well, these branches are for you:

  1. Queensway
  2. Enterprise Road
  3. Hurlinghum
  4. Prestige Branch
  5. Muthaiga
  6. Barclays Plaza
  7. Karen and
  8. Westlands



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