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LG Brings Artificial Intelligence To Its G7 THINQ

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Close your eyes and think about it. Almost all your friends and family members own a smartphone. Mobile devices have grown through leaps and bounds in terms of technology to the point where it is becoming very difficult for one to go through the day without their phone.

At the start of the millennium, the possibility of having a phone in your phone was a wonder that left many in awe. Then technology advanced and there came a phone that could let users take pictures coupled with the ability to go online, and now we are headed for smartphones that are artificial intelligence enabled.

Smartphone customers are getting tougher to please by the day. This is as a result of increased expectations and preferences. With the ever-changing technology, consumers are beginning to expect more from the everyday advancements. Convenience has taken a whole new meaning.

Before the smartphone era, if one needed to go shopping, they would probably go to the nearest supermarket or alternatively walk to their local market. With this age of convenience, you only need a few taps of your phone screen and your shopping will be brought to your doorstep in a matter of hours if not minutes.

The emergence of the much-coveted flagship smartphone in the last couple of years has taken competition a notch higher. The strive to deliver a highly innovative device could not be more intense. With every new global announcement, new features are added to these smartphones to make them convenient and interactive while those deemed less innovative fall by the wayside.

LG, through its G7 ThinQ has taken great steps in the evolution of smartphones. LG’s G7 ThinQ combines useful and convenient artificial intelligence features with a sleek design and latest audio-visual technology ultimately helping users access full potential of their smartphones. The G7 ThinQ offers 4GB/6GB of RAM and 64GB/128GB of internal storage. This helps run even the most demanding of tasks and never will you complain of slow response.

The phone’s 8mp front camera and 16mp rear camera both have standard and super wide angle configurations. This is good news for photo enthusiasts as photos captured are more detailed with much higher resolution. If you intend to travel and you happen to have no camera, do not worry. This phone captures extremely beautiful and breathtaking landscapes with much lesser edge distortion therefore saving you the hustle of downloading photo editing applications.

Low light photography with this phone is at an amazingly new level. Its super bright camera produces images of up to 4 times brightness than your typical photos shot in relatively low light and this has been made easier as the artificial intelligence algorithm within the phone automatically adjusts the phone’s camera setting when taking photos in dim light.

The G7 is smarter and easier to use courtesy of the integrated AI. Its highly sensitive microphone can recognize voice commands from up to five metres away, coupled with the ability to single out commands from background noise. This enables you get a lot of stuff done by the use of voice commands alone, hence making your work easier and in the long run, is time-saving.

“Through experience and constant research, we accept the fact that consumers are starting to come alive to the fact that seamless access to artificial intelligence is the means to realizing the full potential of these flagship smartphones. Through a combination of personalized AI functionalities, imbued with useful smartphone features, we believe that this is the first of many convenient smartphones by LG,” says LG East Africa Marketing Manager, Moses Marji.

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