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Kenya to Host First Social Behaviour Change Conference

by Femme Staff

Population Services Kenya, the leader in strengthening health markets will together with its partners host the first Africa Social & Behaviour Change (ASBC) conference. The conference, running under the theme “Disruptive Social Behaviour Change (SBC) strategies for the future of Africa,” will be a platform to understand the role of social and behaviour change in accelerating  the development of Africa across multiple sectors including in healthcare, technology, agriculture, gender and environment conservation.

ASBC is Africa’s first home-grown conference on social and behaviour change. The conference that will be held between 19th – 21st February 2019 will establish a platform that brings together practitioners, academics, researchers, policy makers, students, development partners and other institutions across different sectors that utilize Social & Behaviour Change (SBC) to showcase theory, effective programmes, approaches and lessons learnt within the African context.

PS Kenya Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Joyce Wanderi, noted: “In determining what influences behavior, we at PS Kenya appreciate that social environment plays a critical role in behaviour formation. Social Behaviour Change (SBC) seeks to address internal motivators or barriers that affect these interactions, as well as internal and external factors such as the community, the physical environment, economic determinants and policy frameworks”.

Africa is resource-rich, yet the continent is the least developed in the world. Further, Africa and her people have not been in control of issues that determine their behavior in relation to development. Through this platform, participants will understand the role of social and behaviour change in accelerating the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and leapfrog development across other sectors of the African economy.

“Social Behavioral Change is commonly perceived as preserve for the non-profit world. However,  to holistically address social issues that face us, we must engage partners both in private and public sectors. In view of this, there is need for non-governmental organizations, policy makers, researchers, corporates, government institutions, academics, students, donors, implementing partners and development partners to collaborate for the development interventions that are effective and evidence based,” stated Ms.Wanderi.

PS Kenya is working closely with the organizers of the International Social Behaviour Change Communication (SBBC) Summit, to ensure that the home-grown conference complements the international one by addressing gaps that are relevant to the African context and insights gathered through the ASBC conference feed into the next international SBCC conference. The ASBC Conference hopes to further entrench Social Behaviour Change  practices by taking a multi-sectoral approach and broadening the discussion beyond use of communication to influence change in the society.

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