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4 Blog Design Mistakes You Need To Avoid

by Femme Staff

Getting regular readers on your blog is always tough and there are a lot of things that stand in the way. Your content is the most important thing to get right because that’s what brings people to your site in the first place. You need to make sure that you’re posting regular content that is both informative and entertaining. But unfortunately, that’s not enough to build a readership on its own, the design of your blog has a big impact. If your site is difficult to navigate, users are going to get frustrated and they won’t want to come back to your blog again. When you’re designing your blog, make sure that you’re not making these big mistakes that drive readers away.

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Too Much Going On

This is a common mistake that people make because they want to give their readers plenty of content. That’s a good thing, but you’ve got to be very careful because if you go too far, it just makes the site look cluttered and messy. Your readers will be overwhelmed and they won’t be able to find the content that they’re looking for easily. If you make them work for it too much, people will give up and go elsewhere. Always make sure that your website is streamlined and simple so it looks professional and you don’t have anything that you don’t need on there.

Lengthy Login System

Having a login system for your readers is important if they’re putting their personal information on there. Having their own account also gives people the opportunity to have a personalized experience on your blog. But people get frustrated if they have to go through a lengthy form every time they want to login. That’s why you need a good identity verification service that is easy to use. Facial recognition is a great feature because it’s incredibly secure and it’s really simple for your readers to use.

Not Optimized For Mobile Devices

More people browse the web on mobile devices than desktop computers these days so you need to make sure that you take that into account when you’re designing your blog. If it isn’t optimized for mobile devices properly, it will be almost unreadable when people try to access it on their phones and tablets. That means you’re immediately cutting off a massive portion of your potential readership. You might have to pay extra money to your web designers if you’re not generating the site yourself but it’s worth it.

Not Enough Images

People respond better to images than they do to blank text. If they log onto your site and they’re met with a big wall of text and nothing else, that’s really going to put people off and they probably won’t stick around for too long. Always make sure that you include pictures and even some videos on your posts and make sure that the quality is good.

If you’re making any of these design mistakes on your blog, it’s going to seriously affect your readership so it might be worth redesigning the site.

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