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How To Cleverly Save Space In A Small Apartment

by Sandra Dindi

Does your bed sitter or one roomed apartment look cluttered and inhabitable? Well, you do not have to move to a bigger house or tear down walls to get some space.  Creating space has nothing to do with the size of your living quarters. People in bigger houses have the same problem too. It all comes down to arrangement.

Creating space in your apartment depends on how you arrange the furniture. You will be surprised how cute and spacious a bed sitter will look with just a slight change in the arrangement of the furniture. Imagine how much more you can do with a big house?

I don’t know about you but cluttered houses depress me. I just need some breathing space. So in this article I share some tips and tricks I use in cleverly save space in my small apartment. You can try them too.


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Chaise lounges

These ones are much lighter and less bulky than those puffy-over-cushioned couches I see around. They are shorter and more versatile than a regular couch. You can also make a makeshift bed out of them.

Use of curtains or pull-down screens

I have seen very creative use of curtains in bedsitters, single rooms. You can have a bedroom, kitchen and living room in the same room with just separating them with curtains.

When tastefully done, and create space wonderfully and at a small budget. Instead of nailing the walls-which is distasteful to home décor as well as to the owner of the house-instead get a curtain railing fixed on the roof round the bed. This way, you can pull it when you want to open or close.

I love the Pull-downs screens. They are just as good if not better than curtains. They are classy and easy to install. Some people use plywood too to separate different sections of their small apartments.

A bed-couch

This one swivels into a bed at night and folded into a couch during the day. If you can afford it, this type of double duty couch will save you a lot of space. If this proves to be too expensive, simply push your bed against the wall. Get big colored prop pillows that you can lean on and make it into a couch during the day.

Nice way of creating space for your yoga or exercise routines.

A ceiling wardrobe or a cloth rack

If your apartment does not have an inbuilt one, getting a wardrobe will only eat up space. Instead get a hanger railing that hangs from the ceiling (not too high) .This way you can hang your clothes and at the same time leave space.

I have seen some really nice cloth racks fitted with a shoe rack at the bottom -which save a lot of space. Also, chest drawers fitted on the side of the bed will create space for your foldable clothes.



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Well, it’s not cast in stone that everyone should have a couch. Big pillows on the floor will do just fine.  Get a nice soft carpet and some big prop pillows. Having an assortment of colors and a theme is the best way to go about it. You can go for an animal print, jungle or a color blocked theme that blends well with the rest of your apartment.

This way you have space and a place for your visitors to sit on. Very cozy.

If you own the home and have a good carpenter, you can make a foldable table or bed that can fit into the wall. Also, a chest of drawers on one side can double up as a coffee table or a desk on the other end. There are many more clever ideas to create space in a small apartment that you can add here. It’s all about being creative.

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