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Godrej Reaffirms Commitment To Doing Business In Kenya With New Investment

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Makers of Valon Petroleum Jelly have launched a new product on the Kenyan market; Valon Body Lotion as the company moves to taste the already competitive lotion sector.

Godrej Consumer Products Limited, the company behind the new product, says the launch is part of the company’s commitment in providing East African consumers with superior quality products at great price points.

Kenya’s skin care industry is worth more than 102 million dollars with economic analysts projecting it surpassing the 200-million-dollar mark by 2050.

The skin care sector in Kenya continues to expand as analysts seek to record a compound annual growth rate of 4 percent over the forecast period to reach 137 million dollars by 2022.

Godrej seeks to capitalize on the Kenya’s expanding market with their new product through what the management has termed as research and development “to deliver superior skin care product at a great value for the Kenyan consumer.”

The company prides itself with controlling a 42 percent market share in petroleum jelly and is seeking to leverage on Valon petroleum jelly’s 45-year brand presence, heritage and equity in Kenya to penetrate the body lotion segment.

According to Mr. Vengurlekar from Godrej, Valon Body Lotion launch follows market research that shows an expanding and discerning consumer base that is seeking more natural ingredients and variants in their skin care products.

The leading preferred natural ingredients among Kenyan consumers in body lotions are cocoa butter and Shea butter; milk and coconut; aloe vera; and glycerine.

According to Euromonitor’s Skin Care in Kenya 2019 report, premiumisation of products is driving stronger revenue opportunities for retailers. This is as a result of Kenya’s youthful and aspirational middle-class who are seeking to stock products that offer exclusivity.

The report further highlights that more consumers prefer formulations that contain organic and natural ingredients. This is because of pollution, which along with sun exposure can cause premature skin ageing.

There is also continued growth and dominance of the affordable mass products. Many mass brands are also trying to offer products that can be seen as exclusive in their own way, in terms of natural enhancements or improved packaging that appeals to a wide consumer group.

The Valon Body Lotions will sell at the recommended retail prices of 50 shillings for 100ml, 95 shillings for the 200ml, 155 shillings for 400ml and 215 shillings for the 600ml.

Even as the market segment grows, players in the industry are looking at launching more brands with a special focus on natural ingredients.  A focus by men on personal grooming is also bound to see a rise in the men’s care segment.

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