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Safaricom Extends Free Digital Learning As Schools Remain Closed

by Femme Staff
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The Covid situation is so sad on so many fronts and one of them is the amount of time that children will end up staying home. With no solid foreseeable signs as to when schools will reopen, education has been interrupted a good one through nobody’s fault but the pandemic’s.

If we have anything positive to appreciate, it is the digital age we’re living in and the option that parents and learners have for e-Learning. So that children, though unfortunately not all of them, are able to continue with some learning as we wait for this cloud to drift away and we get back to normal learning. Or new normal.

One of the e-Learning platforms that we have available is Eneza education’s Shupavu291. An innovative SMS based platform that gives kids access to KICD approved content without them (kids) requiring an internet connection. KICD is Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development.

Eneza has always had a great relationship with Safaricom – one because they have a really good product towards transforming the education sector and two, because Safaricom’s purpose is transforming lives. Not forgetting their extensive coverage around the country. This has seen the two likeminded companies forge several partnerships to empower parents and learners across the country, and more-so during this time when children cannot go to school.

Earlier this week even, Safaricom partnered with Eneza and UNESCO to offer virtual mentorship for students in STEM subjects.

In April this year, the two companies partnered to give students free access to learning and revision content free of charge. This meant waiving of the daily 3 shillings fee. This free access has now been extended to 8th of September, again for both primary and secondary schools. Since April, over 1.8 million learners have accessed the Shupavu291 and I believe many more will now get onto this opportunity in the course of this extension.  

“Waiving the daily fees on Shupavu291 has seen the number of learners accessing our platform every day grow by over 400%. It is also pleasing to note that around 64% of the learners are female, with over 46% of learners using their mothers’ phones. These statistics are pleasing, especially at such a time when there’s often fear that household chores and other domestic economic activities might interfere with learning for girls.”Wambura Kimunyu, Eneza Education CEO.

This is by all means a transformational initiative. Learners can also access revision content and ask a teacher questions via SMS through Eneza Education’s Shupavu291, which is accessible by dialing *291# or by sending the word LEARN to 20851.

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