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realme Buds Air Neo Are Now Available In Kenya

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When wireless buds came along, they looked weird and a lot of jokes were made about them online. There were also genuine concerns of what if the buds fell off or one got lost and you could not find it? But look at the world now, totally enjoying the convenience of buds without cabling dangling around all the time which is an inconvenience especially when running or jogging for example, and best of all without tangling. Untangling earphones is something that gets to just about everyone and with wireless buds, this is a thing of the past.

It was just a matter of time before the masses accepted these genius pieces of modern technology, and more and more companies came on board to make them.  One of these companies is realme, who just days after launching three smartphones into the Kenyan market has now introduced the realme Buds Air Neo. The realme Buds Air Neo is set to revolutionize the “listening culture” in Kenya by taking the receiving of calls as well as the listening of music to the next level with the user being in control of every bit of experience without the inconvenience of wire connections.

Some of the features that the comes with are instant Auto Connection, a 13mm Dynamic Bass Boost Driver and a Bluetooth 5.0 connection. With the realme Buds Air Neo, users can play hundreds of songs in your Playlist for up to 17 Hours. Those who love true sound and bass, and that would be just about everyone are in for a treat starting Thursday September 10 when the buds will officially start selling in Kenya.

Other features that the realme Buds Air have are the R1 True Wireless Chip that uses a new generation of dual-channel transmission technology, creating a fast and stable connection between the user’s phone and the realme Buds Air Neo. This will ensure a stable connection whether the user is playing games, listening to music or watching movies.

realme Buds Air Neo which will retail at Ksh4,999/- have your ears covered through the 13mm large sound unit that uses high-quality polyurethane and titanium for an incredible sound experience. The flexibility of polyurethane combined with the rigidity of titanium allows the buds to provide both deep, powerful bass and clear treble ranges. A special opening allows for clear vocals in mid-range frequencies.

For those who would like to try their luck, head over to the @realmekenya Instagram page, follow, and then Google ‘realme’ or ‘realme Buds Neo’ for more information on some crazy giveaways coming your way.

To purchase the  realme Buds Neo, head over to Kilimall.

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