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A Quiet Refrigerator? Yes. The LG Door-In-Door InstaView

by Femme Staff
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The humming of refrigerators is one of the most annoying things a lot of us have had to deal with in our kitchen lives. Ok, that’s a little too dramatic but you get the drift.

Why do refrigerators have that sound all the time? Because of moving parts and friction. A fridge is a mechanical gadget and for it to work, there has to be a set of parts that work in unison. One of these parts is the compressor and it is indeed the part that produces that low humming sound.

As much as the sound can get a bit irritating, it is something to celebrate because it means that the compressor is running properly and therefore doing its work. Of course if the sound gets scratchy or too loud you should engage a licensed technician for repairs. The compressor is pretty much the fridge and a malfunction is not something you’d want to wish away or do DIY maintenance.

We have lived with refrigerator noise forever until recently when manufacturers have taken onto the trend of changing the noisy mechanism as times change. Like the LG InstaView fridge that works in total silence. This feature rides on the Inverter Linear Compressor which is patented by LG and therefore only found in LG Fridges. So confident is LG in the compressor that it comes with a 10 year warranty. Not warranty on the fridge, but on the compressor. With the compressor being the heartbeat of the refrigerator, this is some really good assurance.

The Inverter Linear Compressor packs a lot of benefits to the user. Other than operating in total silence, it also drops energy consumption by a good margin. It also has a soft start and stop regulatory system, and as mentioned earlier, the compressor has less friction. While the conventional compressor has 4 friction points, the Inverter Linear has just 1. The end user benefits of this are less expenditure on energy, well preserved freshness in foods, and of course a quiet fridge for peace of mind.

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