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Don’t Sweat It Out at Home – Get The Right Air Coolers!

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Summer is the time for you to stay relaxed, and an air cooler can help you do just that! During a sweltering summer, you may be tempted to keep your air conditioner on all day, but the steep electricity bill at the end of the month will likely to make you sweat even more. No need to fear, air coolers are here to rescue you!

Air conditioners usually circulate the room’s internal air over and over again, whereas an air cooler pulls fresh air from outside and then cools it down. Because of how it operates, an air cooler offers you better air quality, nor does it dry out the air like an air conditioner. An air cooler is the preferred choice for people who suffer from asthma or dust allergies.

Air coolers are cost-effective, and consume less energy while keeping your home cool. If you plan to invest in one for your home during the summer, these factors can help you make the right choice.

  • They pull natural (warm) air from outside using a fan, pass it through wet cooling pads and through a process of water evaporation, cools the air down. This is unlike an AC which holds and repeatedly cools the air in the room.
  • The quality of air supplied in the air cooler is much better. They are the right choice for your home as they protect your health.
  • They do not make the air dry, thus giving a distinct advantage to people who are less tolerant of hot summer temperatures.
  • Coolers come with dedicated ice chambers. Adding ice to the water makes the pads colder, resulting in cooler air passing through them.
  • Coolers keep the air constantly moving, so it doesn’t get stale. 
  • Air coolers require minimal maintenance, which can reduce the time spent on resolving product-related issues.
  • They have a more structured and systematic way to lower the air temperature.
  • They are substantially more affordable compared to air conditioners as they have a lower operating cost. They consume up to 10 times less energy and will significantly lower your monthly electricity bill.
  • You can move them to wherever you need them most. Most air coolers are fitted with castor wheels to help you transport them easily.
  • Variable speed coolers are used to control the speed of the fan. Ramtons air coolers offer 3 different air modes; natural, normal and sleeping mode.
  • Ramtons air coolers come with thicker honeycomb pads compared to aspen pads, which are lower maintenance and subsequently have a longer life.
  • Unlike air conditioners, coolers will not heat up the compressor too much, making them an eco-friendly choice. Air coolers work on evaporative cooling, which will work efficiently to maintain cool air without wasting energy. They offer significant environmental benefits with lower power consumption and no emission of harmful chlorofluorocarbons (CFC). 

Ramtons range of air cooler appliances offers you a blend of timeless design, efficacy and longevity. They come in compact, sleek and sophisticated designs that go well with modern homes. The very ethos of Ramtons is “Ideas for easy living”. Ramtons make lives in the home and kitchen easier through innovative products, ample availability and strong support. They believe in making your shopping journey easy from the point of purchase to the point of use. Their home appliances and kitchen accessories are all about combining functionality, convenience and modernity. Any Ramtons product in stock is delivered to you between 2-6 days. They come with a one-year warranty. They believe in providing prompt after-sales services to keep customers happy long after they’ve made a purchase.

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