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The Testing Mechanisms That Ensure Durability Of Nokia Phones

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Nokia phones have always been known for being sturdy and durable. How is this ensured over the years? We spoke to Gopher Ogembo, Senior Business Manager – East Africa – HMD Global, and this is what he had to say.

The Nokia phones has been known to be the most durable phones in the country. Why is it so?

Our Nokia devices have been renown for being the most durable phones in the market. This is because our devices are built from high-quality materials that have a better resistance to drop and impact, fatigue, wear and scratch, thermal stress, moisture, and liquids.

According to Counterpoint Research, a global industry analysis firm headquartered in Asia and which specializes in product reviews especially technological gadgets, confirms that Nokia phones undergo tougher tests than the industry average.

What are the reliability testing mechanism the phones undergo through before release in the market? What are the stages?

The reliability testing mechanism include:

  • A drop test – This is where a phone is dropped to test its capability to withstand outside pressure.
  • A bend test – This is by applying pressure on the middle part to confirm whether the phone can be able to fold.
  • A twist test – This is to confirm if the phone can be able to spiral.
  • A tumble test – To check if the phone can survive when rotated continuously and abruptly.
  • – To confirm if they can withstand any pressure put forward by the user. In addition, confirms whether the ports are fully functional.

For more information on the tests conducted, please check the below link:

Do other accessories on the phones, the USB connector and charger go through the same testing and why?

The USB and power connecter undergoes the test to confirm if they can withstand the pressure put forward by the users at varying times. In addition, the test confirms the functionality of the devices.

How is the Nokia C series (C10 and C20) meeting consumer convenience through its affordability and future proof capabilities?

The C-series targets the ultra-affordable market segment, with Nokia Mobile mentioning durability as one of the key selling points, as the phone passed tougher tests than industry average. This means that the phone can be able to stay with you for longer and keeping true to the slogan, Love it, Trust it and Keep it.

In addition, the security updates of the phones ensures that your data is secured. It’s also affordable, meaning that it targets the mass market.

Why is the Nokia C Series the go to smartphone for the ordinary Mwananchi?

The Nokia C-series is made of superior build quality and sleek Nordic designed smartphones, created for consumer’s accessibility and affordability. The latest additions, the Nokia C10 and C20, boast a wide 6.5” HD+ display, at customer friendly prices.

A phone coupled with Android TM 11(Go edition), and 20% faster speeds, and improved security features, as well as Nokia smartphone durability with quarterly security updates for two years means that it’s a phone that can serve anyone.

Any new durability features we should look forward to in future?

As we continue to innovate, Nokia devices continue to evolve time and time again. And with our android and security updates for more than 2 years, Nokia smart phones are future proof! We are always endeavoring towards our devices getting better and better to be able to solve our customers needs.

Are there are plans to widen the variety of accessories in future?

HMD is continuously innovating and developing more products that fit the evolving customer needs. Our focus remains to offer affordability at price point, reliability, durability and security features to enable our consumers to maintain their devices for longer.

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