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The Nokia C30 – My First Impressions And Thoughts

by Femme Staff
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In April this year, HMD Global ushered in sic new Nokia phones into the market. The phones are in G Series, X Series, and C Series. For now, and for purposes of this article and others to follow, we shall focus on the Nokia C30 which is in the C series.

The Nokia C30 is here as part of HMD’s new brand positioning that comes with great promises to users. The promises that the company has made are around durability, long battery life and security of handsets. Quite a set of features to cement reassurance of Nokia as the go to smartphones which come in a range of models to meet different price points. The C30 for instance which launched earlier this month is starting at the price point of Ksh14,490/- based on storage configurations.

We shall be doing a review once we have used the gadget for a bit but for now, we already have the most striking features as a matter of first impressions. First thing that struck me right off the box is the weight. Nokia C30 comes off quite weighty at 237g, especially for me since I’m currently using the OPPO Reno 5 which is just 172g. The weight is not something that one would not get used to though. The only worry one would have about it is in case of drops, but this is where the Nokia sturdiness comes in. In the brand promises that the company announced a few months ago, quality of phones is assured. It is made with a tough polycarbonate shell and according to HMD, ‘it is ready for whatever life throws at it’.

You will likely never struggle with battery with the Nokia C30 since Nokia also makes the promise that the phone will last a minimum of 3 days on full charge.  This is courtesy of a massive 6000mAh battery, combined with energy saving features. A phone that you can use without always being anxious that it will go off is a must in these days when we have moved a lot of functions to phones and we’re therefore online almost 24 hours a day. We will certainly be testing the battery longevity when we do the review.

With a screen size of 6.82”, the Nokia C30 is also noticeably big. Quite convenient especially for those of us who watch movies and series on phone, as well as for gamers who have enough space for their maneuvers, especially with the screen resolution of 720*1600. This is certainly not a screen that one can operate with one hand. We shall see whether the phone has an option for one hand use when doing the review.

That’s about it for my first impressions on physical appearance. Keep it here for a comprehensive review. For now, for the assurance you need on durability, watch the above video on how Nokia stress tests their phones so that by the time they get to the consumer, they meet the right standards.

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