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The OPPO Reno 7 Features The First Of Its Kind Micro Lens

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Since OPPO launched its first mobile phone in 2008, the company has been making impressive improvements in every phone after that by listening to the customers and innovative towards their needs. With a brand philosophy of optimizing products to make people’s lives better, OPPO has come up with innovations like ColorOS and SuperVOOC fast charge that did just that.

Personally, I have enjoyed every phone in the Reno series which is my favourite to date, and especially the cameras. Modern mobile photography has pretty much brought professional photography into the palms of everyday users with features we never thought could come in a mobile phone.

For the Reno 7 which has impressive cameras like 64MP rear and 32MP selfie cameras, OPPO has attached the micro lens to the rear camera, capable of 16.6x magnification. What this means to the end user is colours, textures, and shapes that will be distinct even at microscopic level. Creatives and regular phone photographers have a whole new feature to explore and satisfy their curiosity.

Looking under a microscope gives us a new perspective on the world around us. With the addition of a 2-megapixel Microlens on OPPO Reno7 and support for 16.6x magnification on both video and photos, OPPO introduces a new way to experience smartphone photography and maximize your creativity and curiosity.

The inclusion of the Microlens on OPPO Reno7 involved more than simply making room for an additional lens on the phone. At the structural level, OPPO made the decision to install the Microlens module on the back cover of the phone, rather than directly mounting it on the motherboard. As the short focal length of the Microlens requires the phone to be placed very close to the objects being photographed, OPPO also added a new Orbit Light underneath the Microlens to provide additional illumination while the Micro lens has enabled.

OPPO has ensured that the design of the Microlens and Orbit Light matches the chic look of OPPO Reno7 while delivering the expected shooting performance. Thanks to this ingenious work, there’s no other device on the market capable of delivering the same image versatility, level of quality, and attention to detail as the Reno7 series. When the Microlens is enabled, a millimetre scale will automatically appear on the screen, helping users enjoy a new perspective of the micro world.

The Orbit Light around the Microlens on the Reno 7 also acts as a fill-in light to support users to explore a micro world. The orbit light also can be a notification that gently emits a glow when the Lens is in use, when receiving messages, or when gaming or charging.

Being the first ever smartphone that has been launched in Kenya that features this Micro lens, OPPO has now launched a new Microlens social media campaign aimed to invite audiences to feature their various uses with the new Micro lens.

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