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The Nokia T20 Tab – A Good Work And Entertainment Companion

by Femme Staff

Tablets are making a strong come back, and this is a good development for those of us who live life on the move and therefore need powerful portable devices. One of the gadget manufacturers that are bringing tabs back to the market is HMD, with the Nokia T20 which was released late last year.

After several months in the market, I’ve finally been able to get my hands on one to use and share my experience. I’ve had it for slightly over two weeks now and here are my thoughts.


At 10.4” the tab is a pretty solid device that fits perfectly between my phone and laptop. For times when I can’t carry my laptop for one reason or other, I’m still well covered in terms of work. The tab comes in a beautiful deep ocean colour and has a separate protective flip case that doubles up as a stand for horizontal viewing.

The back of the tab has the Nokia branding, the camera casing and some manufacturer info that is ever so subtly engraved. At the top side when the tab is horizontal are the SIM and MicroSD card tray, volume rockers and mics. On the right side from the same orientation are the charging port and loudspeakers while on left there is the power button and more speakers to make for immersive sound.

The tab is built with safety in mind, with a scratch proof glass front which is also scratch resistant. The back is aluminum, a material that is also quite hardy.


The tab has an 8MP back camera and 5Mp selfie camera. These may seem rather low, but I don’t find this a problem at all since I’ve never ordinarily used tabs for photography. For this I use my phone. Video is at 1080p.


At 8200mAh, the battery is understandably quite big. I’ve not yet used the device full time for a full day but from what I can gauge from intermittent use throughout the day, it can comfortably handle full day of full use. The one time that I get to consume quite a bit is when catching up with my favourite movies on Netflix which was the very first app I installed. With the screen size, movies and series are certainly not as crammed on the screen as they are on phone.

Storage and performance

The Nokia T20 tab runs on Android 11 and the one I have is the 64GB/4GM memory. There is another variant with 32GB/3GB. Both of these are pretty decent and usable without apps glitching, slowing down or hanging. I have not put a whole lot of memory hogging apps because with things like games, I still use my phone.


The tab has loudspeakers on each side and as mentioned earlier, this makes for good sound for movies, music, calls and even gaming. It also has a 3.5mm jack for those who prefer wired sound, and a Bluetooth functionality for wireless users like me. Either way Nokia has done quite a good job on sound.

In an earlier article, I had discussed other features that I love about the tab. Have a look at it here for more.


There is space for a tab in just about everyone’s life because even though they won’t use it for work, it is a good gadget for entertainment. At the price of around Ksh.25,000/-, this is a worthy purchase for a device with pretty decent features.

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