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Meet Crispin Odindo: The Coach Behind Plateau Queens’ Victory in Safaricom Chapa Dimba

by Femme Staff

Safaricom Chapa Dimba has come and gone, and with it a lot of wins to be celebrated. One team that is in celebration is Plateau Queens, resident team for Nyakach Girls High School. This is the team that took the victory in the recently concluded national finals of Safaricom Chapa Dimba, this being the second time they’re holding the title.

I had a chat with Crispin Odindo – team coach and a teacher at the school. Crispin has been a coach for 10 years, some of which he spent as a coach in another school in Homa Bay. As both a teacher and a coach, he’s in a unique position to mold youngsters in academics and sports, since the two go hand in hand. For instance, when he spots potential talent, he models the girl into a holistic team player so that even when she goes out to join other teams, she has the right base.

He has seen firsthand how football can uplift players, with his team members being beneficiaries of cash prizes and kits from different tournaments. Many have also excelled in academics, and as we speak, he has four girls in his team who are going to university.

Crispin’s football journey started out when he was young, following in his father’s footsteps. He had quite a strong motivation since it is indeed football that landed his father a job. He grew through the ranks to the point of being a referee, after which he decided to become a coach. It was an easy shift from a referee to a coach since as a referee, one knows all the rules of football.

One of the most important players of successful grassroots football is cooperative parents. Crispin has had a good run with them so far, since the girls of Plateau Queens spend most of the day in academics, sparing only about an hour and a half for football practice. They do however take a bit more time during holidays when there are no classes.

What words does he have for aspiring footballers?

If you are spotted for talent, take the opportunity and use it well. Be a team player and always keep discipline at the top of your game. You might be a good player but without discipline you will not fulfil your full potential.

To Safaricom, Crispin says kudos for coming up with the surest way to discover players from the grassroots. This is a very impactful program not only for players but for families and communities as well. The cash prizes that the players win go a long way in facilitating part of their education and other small expenses at home.

He hopes that as football continues to grow in the country, some of the most pressing challenges will ease off, one of the biggest of these being lack of facilities. Teams are overstretching the little they have and things like balls and shoes wear out with time.

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