Tecno Mobile has today launched the Tecno Camon CX. The phone is the third in a series of photography smartphones that the company introduced 2 years ago with the entry into the market of Camon C8. Last year we saw the launch of Camon C9 which we wrote about here. The Camon series has seen over 5 million phones sold globally since then.

Other than having other good features, the Camon C series is a selfie lover’s dream phone.  The selfie has become quite a phenomenon worldwide and its up to gadget manufacturers to feed into this development. The C9 came with a 13MP front camera coupled with an inbuilt make up kit so that even if a photo didn’t come out so great at the point of taking, one would polish it up, shape those eyebrows, add eyeshadow and indeed all the works that one would need for a face beat. It also has 8 pre-set portrait modes.

The CX has come with an even better camera, 16Mp front and 16MP back. And get this, the front camera is dual flash. This feature takes selfie taking a notch higher even in poor lighting. This surely puts to shame manufacturers who are still making phone cameras with mega pixels in the range of 5MP, more-so because the Camon series is pretty much a budget phone.

The CX comes with inbuilt noise reduction technology, so those strange abstract figures you see at the back of photos will not be there. Those ones you’re sure were not there physically? Yeah they’re created by camera noise and Camon CX has a denoising feature to tackle that.

Camon CX is a beautiful piece of equipment, with a solid body made of aerospace grade aluminium alloy, with a 3 month warranty from Tecno in case the screen breaks. Good news for colour lovers – CX comes in colours other than the standard gray and gold. You’ll be able to get it in Rose Gold, Elegant Blue, Sky Gray and Champagne gold.

The Tecno Camon CX will be retailing at Ksh.19,000/-, and it has a little brother named Camon CXAir that will cost Ksh.14,300/- They’ll be available countrywide starting today.

We’ll be doing a full review once we lay our hands on the phone.

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