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Is Print Marketing Still Effective?

by Femme Staff


It is no secret that behind every good company lays a successful marketing plan. After all, for a company to survive and compete against rival businesses it needs to have a unique and effective way of attracting consumers. There are lots of strategies that business can choose to implement – what works for one company does not always work for another. Nevertheless, in general, a healthy balance between the utilisation of print services and digital marketing seems to be the winning combination.

Due to the rapid pace in which technology and digital media are progressing, everybody is aware of the importance of having a dominant online presence and using outlets such as social media to achieve this. However, what a lot of people seem to be forgetting about is print! A lot of individuals and businesses have become so engrossed by the evolving digital world that they forget the merit and the importance of using print marketing to their advantage. This article aims to delve into the world of print advertising in order to reveal why it is still as relevant and as effective as ever today.

The main reason why print is such an effective marketing medium is that it is tangible – it can be picked up and put down. When seeing something on the internet it is likely that the individual in question will just skim through it. However, with a print product the person is likely to have a look at the brochure or magazine, put it back down again and pick it up again when they feel like having another read. Therefore, it can be argued that in this sense print is more effective because the information provided is much more likely to absorbed, remembered and utilised.

Moreover, print is more beneficial to those who want to target a specific customer base or a certain area. With digital media, it is very difficult to steer the marketing campaign in a certain direction or limit it to certain readers. However, with print, it is a lot more specific and therefore no resources are wasted and no cost goes to waste.

In addition to this, another highly beneficial point which a lot of people fail to acknowledge is that print products, like posters and teardrop banner flags, last for years and years. On the other hand, digital marketing is something which is constrained to a certain time frame. An individual may keep a magazine or a business card in their house for a long period of time. This means that the scope of advertising is unlimited. However, there is no way of keeping an internet advertisement, for instance, on the particular website for longer than the time period set and paid for.

To conclude, there are lots of benefits associated with the utilisation of print services that make it a popular and successful choice today. All in all, it is highly advisable that any business seeks to form a healthy balance between print marketing and digital marketing in order to reach their optimum advertising levels.


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