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Make Your Wash Days Easier With These Quick Tips

by Femme Staff

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

Washing machines have come and made our laundry so convenient. But we as users also have to remember a few things when using them.

Read the manufacturer’s manual

It is easy and actually common to forgo reading the manual and go straight to using the machine and that is what a lot of people do. This is so especially if you’re around machines in the house or workplace and are used to the general working of knobs and cables.

However, not reading the manufacturer’s manual may have you missing out on crucial tips, guidelines and how to’s that could make your washing a lot easier. It could also have you using the machine wrongly to some extent and either missing out on cool shortcuts to help you do your laundry easier and faster, or shortening the lifespan of the machine. 

Check the tags on clothes for washing instructions

Once again this is something that a lot of people are tempted to ignore. But the tags on the clothes do hold a lot of instructions that will ensure longer life for your clothes, and a smooth laundry experience every time.

Special instructions could be about water temperature, dry clean only, do not use bleach, or do not machine wash at all. Missing out on these will cost you in the long run in terms of either ruining the clothes or parts of the machine.

To a good extent the LG AI DD helps users a lot in this regard because as the name suggests, it uses Artificial Intelligence that goes a long way in ensuring that the machine does as much for you as possible. This is however still not a pass to not know your clothes and how best to clean them.

Mind the colours of clothes and separate them accordingly

Washing machines are advancing at a fast rate and getting more intuitive thanks to technology. Take for example the LG AI DD which the user can interact with by use of LG’s revolutionary technology ThinQ. With this technology you have it in your power to carry out laundry tasks either by pressing a button or through voice commands and this makes things a whole lot easier.

As much as washing machines are advancing in terms of technology, they really cannot tell which clothes will bleed dye into others. It is therefore advisable for the user to separate clothes before loading them for washing. Brand new clothes are particularly prone to bleeding dye so be extra careful with those.

Use the right detergents

This brings us back to having a look at the manufacturer manual and knowing how to go about picking the right detergents for your machine and clothes, reading the detergent instructions for further guidance on amounts to use. Amount of detergent for example depends on the brand. It also goes without saying that you also need to know where and how to dispense the detergents and softeners. For instance, you may not want to put them directly on clothes as this may either bleach or stain them.


Taking a bit of extra time to learn your machine will make doing your laundry a breeze and give you the satisfaction of always getting it right.

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