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Top Tips To Create Memorable Reels

by Femme Staff

In the last few weeks Meta has highlighted Kenyan travel groups that encourage local travel through the #ReelAdventures campaign.   Let’s Drift KEBundu Rovers  and Baiskeli Adventures use Facebook and Instagram Reels to document and share their amazing travels and adventures in Kenya. 

We asked them to share some tips on creating memorable Reels and this is what they shared with us.  

Inspire suspense and dial up the FOMO 

To have a dedicated following on your social media, create Reels that are suspenseful and inspire a fear of missing out. This can be achieved through showing thrilling activities like zip lining at The Forest, scaling mountains and rugged terrains  in the Aberdare ranges, scuba diving or swimming with dolphins in Wasini. Whatever you do, keep your audience enthralled and you will have them hooked. 

Choose funky/upbeat music

Music is always a soundtrack to our lives and great video content is always accompanied by great music. Add funky, upbeat music to your Reels to set the atmosphere for your story, music adds character to storytelling and  makes your Reels more interesting. 

Use hashtags #

When posting your Reels a rule of thumb is to tag the location, people, friends and travel companies. Tagging makes content easy to find and gives your posts more exposure to a wider audience which leads to more engagement on your post. Tagging also signifies you want to be associated with that particular topic or activity and the benefit is that  your content will appear at the  top  of travel searches. You can use some of the most popular travel hashtags in Kenya that we found on Facebook and Instagram like #tembeakenya #visitLaikipia #maasaimara and #mombasaraha 

Use fun transitions and filters Do not shy away from using transitions and filters in your Reels. They are fun and show off your individual creativity in Reels production. Take full advantage of the amazing filters available on Facebook and Instagram to make your content entertaining, engaging and appealing to your audiences. Reels on Facebook and Instagram offer several creative tools including AR effects, speed controls, and the option to align multi clip videos for cleaner transitions. 

Don’t overthink it 

Just do it. Shoot that video, upload it using the Reels feature, select amazing filters and post. That’s it. It’s important to realise there is no right or wrong way of creating Reels and chances are that if you like it, your audience will too. Key takeaway here is to have fun! 

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