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In the Comfort Of Nakumatt Select…

by Femme Staff
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I’m a little obsessed with household items like towels and beddings. As such, Nakumatt Select is a ‘kid in a candy store’ kind of situation for me. There’s a whole range of home comfort items like duvets, quilts, pillows, towels and rugs to name a few. These and the many more goodies in this collection are enough to keep me in the store for hours ogling, combining colours, and mentally placing items in my house. I’ve used several things under this brand so far and here are a few.

Kitchen Towels

The kitchen towel is a right little work horse and a very versatile one at that. A good one needs to be able to combine the hard work expected from it with style, substance and beauty. When my kitchen towels are not doing their myriad of jobs all the way from wiping food splatters to sometimes doubling as oven mitts and everything in between, they spend their time soaked in hot water and harsh detergents, getting scrubbed to rid stains, or drying in the hot sun. Such hard workers obviously need to be of high quality, high absorbency and durability. They also need to be easy to clean and quick drying for hygiene purposes. My Nakumatt Select kitchen towels delivered on all of these. As far as looks go, I got mine in my favorite colour red, just the pop my kitchen needed.

Bath Towels

There’s a lot that goes into selecting a good bath towel. My criteria so far has been that the softer, fluffier and thirstier the better. This of course coupled with high quality and durability. All these qualities I got from the Nakumatt Select towels which I also use as part of my home décor. Adding colourful towels to the home is a simple, inexpensive and non-invasive way to add punch even to the blandest of bathrooms. Nakumatt Select towels come in different sizes and in over 20 shades to fit into every preference.

Bath Rug

The Nakumatt Select chennille bath rugs are just the softness to sink your feet into and are easily my most favourite product from what I’ve used so far. My rug is so soft and so white that I was almost afraid to have it on the floor at all let alone step on it. I’m not the least worried about the whiteness though because the rugs are easy to clean and quick drying.


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