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Of Washing Machines – Top Loaders vs Front Loaders

by Femme Staff

Anything that makes your day to day activities this much more inconveniencing is a no no. And a wrong decision when purchasing a washing machine can do just that. It is therefore of topmost importance that before shelling your hard earned cash to purchase one, you need to be absolutely sure that what you’re getting will fit your space and lifestyle.

It therefore goes without saying that one of the most important questions that you need to ask yourself when shopping for a washing machine is whether you’re best suited for a top loader or a front loader. Know the pros and cons of each and look at every aspect of your lifestyle then do some weighing and know which cons you can live with.

With a front loader, you need to bend to put in your laundry or to take it. This may look like an insignificant consideration but do you have elderly people in your house who help out in laundry? Or people with back problems? If you tick yes to any such thing, then then front loader is not for you. It would however be a good choice if you or a member of the family has limited mobility and uses a wheelchair. With a top loader they can still load laundry.

There is also the joke of small pets especially cats creeping into the washing machine when it is open, going unnoticed and getting spinned along with laundry. This would mostly be rare but it does point to the possible accidents that can happen around the home, and which you may want to look into. Like if you have little children who can and will soon enough start playing with the machine out of curiosity, and a front loader lends itself to this.

A top loader is not for you if you do not have a whole lot of space. It opens upwards and so denies you the ability to use the top as space for your detergents and softeners for example. With top loaders however, you’re able to add clothes mid-cycle and that can be an advantage.

In the end the choice you make is entirely upto you and how best you know your family and laundry needs. Whether a big or small family, or a family that will expand with time.

With the modern machines, you do also have to consider the tech and superior features that comes inbuilt into them. Take a look at the series of articles we have been doing over the last two months about the LG AI DD and see why it might just be the one for you.

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