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The LG AI DD Washing Machine And Why It May Be The Best Option For You

by Femme Staff

Because you need a washing machine

Washing machines are no longer something that is for a select few. Any homestead that does laundry and can be able to purchase a washing machine would benefit immensely from having one. Sure, most Kenyan homes are used to hand washing but to a good extent, that is because they have not weighed the benefits of a washing machine over manual laundry.

Many people assume that mechanized laundry is expensive, and one can see where they are coming from. But what they do not consider is the cumulative time saved. Time that could be freed up for other duties either in or outside the home. Or in the office or place of business making that extra coin.

Allergy care

Allergies and the attendant anguish and sometimes medical bills that come with them are always unwelcome. And more-so in these times of Covid-19, everyone needs to keep their chests and airwaves in tip top condition. If only for the peace of mind, but also just for a healthy respiratory system which I would imagine should be among the measures outlined for Covid safety.

The LG AI DD washing machine has inbuilt allergy care which removes 99.9% of allergens that are bound to clothes. Would you imagine that? This it does by use of the Steam+ feature. Optimal temperature loosens allergens from clothes and then they’re drained out during the rinse and spin cycles.

Wrinkle care

Hands up if you hate ironing. Hands up if you have take clothes out of a washer and they look like they’ve been chewed and spat? A lot of us will raise hands to both of these.

The LG AI DD washing machine reduces wrinkling of clothes by 30%, making ironing easier and less time consuming. For one, this reduces power consumption by iron boxes, and makes your morning or evening easier – once again freeing up time and mental space to do other things towards your life. Like using the time to make extra money.

The machine’s wrinkle care is courtesy of the Steam+ function which after the washing is done, supplies steam for 30 minutes with tumbling. Bear in mind that the machine has been made with enough space underneath to supply only steam without wetting the fabric and taking users on a whole new journey. In short, water does not rise up into the inner drum. The wrinkle care option is available in 6 cycles.

Space saving

Let’s face it. Not all homes that wish to have a washing machine has all the space for a huge one. The LG AI DD is engineered with space saving in mind, by applying technologies that make it compact but still highly functional. This is by use of the Direct Drive motor, therefore no gears and belts. The machine is therefore much more efficient and has less friction. Which also means that it has less vibration. It is actually built with a friction damper. Here is to a quieter machine with a larger drum and an overall better laundry experience.

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