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Safaricom Marathon Is With Us Again

by Shiko Msa
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IMAGE-2One of the surest ways in which one can motivate themselves for exercise is by preparing for a marathon. For those who have been wondering which marathon to time perfectly, wonder no more. Get your gear out and start getting ready for the Safaricom Marathon which will be held on June 25th2016 at the Lewa conservancy. You have enough time to get in tip top condition, and you do want to be in tip top condition because this is one of the toughest marathons in the world.

Why should you participate in the Safaricom Lewa Marathon?

For one it is for a good cause. You get to do something about wildlife conservation and especially poaching which if left unchecked could diminish our wildlife. The Safaricom Marathon is in partnership with Tusk Trust and Lewa conservancy with an aim to raise funds towards wildlife conservation as well as for supporting community projects around the conservancy. The efforts of the conservancy are clearly visible, with the population of the native black rhino growing impressively over the years. Surrounding communities are now able to benefit from health, water and community projects, thanks to funds raised through the marathon.

Second, Lewa Marathon pushes you and this push is a powerful affirmation in your ability to take on a tough challenge and get through it. Not to scare anyone but to be realistic here, the Lewa terrain and the desert heat of Isiolo are no child’s play.  It helps that the marathon usually starts very early but some sun will still find you out there. The beauty of Lewa, which is Africa’s most scenic conservancies will take the edge out of the gruelling marathon though.

Third, it takes a reasonably high level of fitness, endurance, mental strength and good overall health to take part in any marathon, let alone a tough one like Lewa. Training for a marathon is one sure way of getting your fitness in order. The very prospect of finishing the race is an accountability partner and will push you to train harder during these months in the run up to June 25th.  As you train to get your body ready, you’re also working towards your overall fitness goals and the positive results will stay with you long after the marathon.

Fourth, the trip to Lewa Conservancy in Isiolo county is a fun Tembea Kenya roadtrip. Whichever route you decide to take to Isiolo, scenic Kenya will be in your face throughout. Last year we took the Nanyuki – Timau route but there is also the option of Embu – Meru. If you have not been there, Meru will surprise you with its beauty.

Fifth, you can shop till you drop on the return trip to Nairobi. Meru and central Kenya are fertile as they come and on the roadsides, there is enough supply of potatoes, peas, carrots and so much more farm produce. Say no to the middle man!

Sixth, Lewa is not all about desert heat and the marathon. There is time to unwind and socialize with friends and generally just have a good time outside of your usual surroundings. For those who love camping, this will be your time.

The marathon which is now in its 7th year will take place on 25th June. Registration for the same opens tomorrow 25th February 9.00am and due to continued growth of the marathon, slots have been known to get exhausted in a matter of hours. You will want to be early. Get more details of registration here.

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