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Decorating With Sheer Fabric

by Femme Staff
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multicoloured sheer

For a home that screams class, femininity and a fun playful personality, consider having sheer fabric curtains. Whether in monotone or assorted colours, the blow-in-the-wind lightness of sheers is enough to soften your décor and create a fun whimsical feel to your home. Having it in assorted colours gives you the chance to break all the colour coordination rules and create a unique exciting combination depending on your level of adventure.

Sheer fabric décor can be used for any room, not just kitchens and bathrooms. Before using this very transparent fabric, you will have to take a look at your surroundings and circumstances to determine whether this is the look for your home. It may be for example that your house is very close to your neighbor’s and you’re directly in their line of vision. That though does not deny you the chance to decorate in sheer. Cotton fabric stitched at the back of the sheer will afford you the privacy you need. It also has the advantage of giving the curtains body and weight and giving the house a bit of warmth.

Plain sheer

Since the fabric is so see through, be sure to pick a soft coloured cotton fabric so as not to overpower the colours of the curtains. Hold the sheer against different colours of cotton and pick what works best. The only colour I wouldn’t recommend for the cotton is brilliant white which will reflect too much light and dilute the colours of your sheer fabric. Personally I’d go for cream or off white but you can go for dark if for example there is too much street or security lighting on the outside of your home. This again depends on the colour of the sheer itself. If the curtains are in one colour, then the same shade in cotton will work fine.

You may not find sheer fabric in a drapery store, many of which stock mostly heavy fabrics as an industry standard of sorts, but rather in regular shops where you would usually buy fabric for dresses and tops. Since it lacks body, you’ll need to purchase lots of fabric to gather enough and give your window dressing body and good flow.

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