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Let’s talk about sex

by Femme Staff

ScreenshotWhen it comes to sex, it’s up to each partner to make the experience as great as possible. Be open and realistic about what expectations, desires, fantasies and fetishes can be accommodated within the relationship and which ones cannot. Each partner should be willing to compromise and respect what the other finds uncomfortable engaging in. Partners should also be willing to let go of fantasies that don’t auger well with both of them and let them remain what they are. Fantasies. It is still possible to have a great sex life without necessarily exploring the whole sexual spectrum. There are many things that a couple can do to spice up their lives in the bedroom.

Take a bath or shower together

First of all clean bodies are a great prerequisite for great sex and second, the experience of spending time together naked will prepare the couple mentally for sex. Playing games in the shower and having a good laugh will add fun and playfulness to your day and get you closer. Showering together also help the couple get at ease with their bodies, a most important ingredient for great sex and which leads us to the next point.

Be confident

Be confident with your bodies. People who are confident with their bodies usually have better sex as they are able to relax and enjoy their feelings fully without having to entertain niggling self image doubts at the back of their minds. This is not to say that couples should let themselves go as far as body appearance is concerned. Every effort should be made to keep an as good as possible a body for yourself and your partner but this has to be balanced with confidence because things will never be perfect anyway. Accept the body you have, work towards improving what you can, and in the meantime, do not let any imperfections weigh you down. In any case, some of these insecurities are usually only in the head and may not be a bother to your partner at all.

Be sensual

Be sensual with your partner to make the two of you as closely connected as possible. Sensual touch is one of the most powerful things one partner can do for another and what’s more, it relaxes the partners and releases powerful hormones that put them in the mood for great sex. A relaxed body and spirit will certainly be rewarded with heightened sexual desire and ultimately satisfying sex. Invest in some good essential oils and incorporate intimate massages in your sexual routine to make things more interesting. Oils make touch softer and silkier and these feelings are certainly a powerful turn on in preparation for great sex. The oils come in different scents and strengths and some have been proven to enhance sex by directly awakening the parts of the brain that control sexual feelings. The partners should have fun reading on them, shopping for them, and experimenting with them taking care to follow instructions as some of them can be quite potent.

Set the mood

For sex to be really good, stress and anxiety need to be nearly completely de-activated. To start with, the atmosphere in your bedroom should be one to enable relaxation. Get rid of chaos and untidiness and needless to say, have the beddings clean at all times and especially when there’s about to be some intimate activity in them. Get the lighting light. We’re body confident and all but overly bright lights are better placed in operation theatres and not in the bedroom. Get the music right too. Get enough music to last you before, during and after great satisfying sex when all you want to do is cuddle up and savor the aftershocks before blissfully falling asleep in each other’s arms.

When it comes down to finally having sex, start with foreplay and give it enough time. Some people are often times tempted to go straight to the action forgetting that the partner may not be ready yet. Take the whole body as an erogenous zone and get playing with other parts of it other than the genitals. There is the neck, ears, throat, stomach and of course lips. All these need to be kissed and played with gently.

Depending on the nature and stage of your relationship, do get safe from unwanted pregnancies and infections.

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